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Entourage validating and copying link data

Alternatively, you can add a contact record for the person.This will pull a copy of their certificate directly from Active Directory.Anytime there is a name along with an identifying number (e.g., employee number, student ID number, grades or rosters information, etc.), encryption is appropriate.Encryption is not recommended for non-identifiable information or for general communication regarding meeting times, non-confidential info, etc.

Turns out that the URI in the link was very slightly different than a standard i Calendar, so instead of the normal “webcal://” it starts with “webcals://”, which interestingly enough tried to fire up Outlook (in my Windows virtual machine).

Overuse of encryption for normal business matters is not recommended.

When you click send, you will receive a pop up on your screen indicating that the intended recipient does not have encryption.

At any rate, now the calendar shows up for me both on i Cal and Google (obviously it would work in Outlook as well had I followed the original link).

export the certificates it generates, and then import them for use with Outlook. Process email from Digi Cert to create certificates After requesting KU digital credentials you will receive two email notices from Digi Cert: one for creating a digital ID for escrowed encryption, and one for creating a digital ID for email authentication. The emails will come from Digi Cert Support ([email protected]) and the links will be to https:// and will not request any personal information other than a certificate password. Select a system below for specific instructions: After installing the two certificates, configure your email program to use them as shown in step 3, below.

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