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Just saw this being discussed in the Ladie's Lounge.. Have used them a few times during barren spells and have met some really nice people through them,a couple of which Im still mates with so I would say go for it. Ive been on and off some sites over the last couple years. Anotherfriend was the most succesfull one for me - if you count 2 dates in 9 months succesfull lol.

I was a member of one before I met my current GF, and met some very nice people.

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But **** that, Id rather meet some one on a night out and get drunk with her and see what she like in person I think on online dateing to a degree people are looking for there perfect match and every bodys far to picy. I think online dateing is a defeatous way of dating it does work for some... Ned totally get the cropped photo thing They seem to be talked about in the open a lot more recently. I have a photo up too - maybe thats turning them off I also find Anotherfriend to have an average age of women in late 30s which makes it harder (late 20s myself).

I think a few years ago they were probably thought of as a bit of a weird thing. It's good to bring up something they mentioned in their profile that you have in common with them and start from there. Im gonna cancel the subscription when it runs out now this month.

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A couple of things I would say though.- Try and meet up with the person relatively quickly,chatting online is all well and good but you wont know if there is any spark til a face to face meeting.- Beware of cropped photos,ie headshots only.- Dont take it too seriously or personally if people dont respond to your messages.- Enjoy it for what it is,a bit of harmless fun. It's good to bring up something they mentioned in their profile that you have in common with them and start from there. POF - cant even get them to look at me never mind a date.

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