Validating debt with collection agency church dating policy

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Validating debt with collection agency

If you receive a phone call or a letter from a collection agency, your first reaction may be to panic.The best advice is to stay calm and analyze the situation.This means a consumer can demand that a creditor reporting information to the credit bureaus prove the account is really your responsibility and that the balances are accurate.In addition, a collection agency must also prove they have a legal right to collect the debt.Dealing with debt collectors may be the last thing you want to do — or feel equipped to handle — but sometimes there is no way around it.

Original creditors sometimes sell debts in large portfolios to collection agencies called .Then out of the blue a guy named Bob comes up to you and says he is collecting the money you owe Paul.Bob is acting just like a collection agency or debt collector.Sometimes, collection agencies will stop collection activities and return the account to the original creditor rather than validate the debt, which is perfectly legal.Either way, not being able to communicate with you provides plenty of incentive for the collection agency to resolve the validation issue.

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In an , the collection agency does not own the debt, and therefore you do not technically owe them any money.

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