Updating n96

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Updating n96

DVB-SH improved radio performances and can be seen as an evolution of DVB-H.DVB-SH now and DVB-NGH in the near future are expected to expand the supported bands.DVB-IPDC is a set of systems layer specifications originally designed for use with the DVB-H physical layer, but that will ultimately be used as a higher layer for all DVB mobile TV systems, including DVB-SH, and indeed as a higher layer for any other IP capable system.In short, with regard to mobile TV, these specifications define what is delivered, how it is delivered, how it is described, and how it is protected.In November 2009, the DVB group made a 'call for technologies' for a new system (DVB-NGH - Next Generation Handheld) to update and replace the DVB-H standard for digital broadcasting to mobile devices.

The DVB-H specification (EN 302 304) can be downloaded from the official DVB-H website.Initially the network should cover 25% of the population with coverage area Helsinki, Oulu and Turku. The service was ended on 5.3.2012 due to lack of subscribers.Network operator Digita was granted to upgrade old DVB-H transmitters to next generation DVB-T2Lite technology which has ability to carry HD, SD and mobile-size picture for TV sets, laptops, pocket-PCs, mobile phones etc. In India, Indian public broadcaster Prasar Bharti (also known as DD for Doordarshan) started DVB-H trials in various metropolitan areas to test the reception quality of the broadcast coverage.Since June 2008, 3 Italia has made some channels free on Dvb-h for all the users.In Singapore, M1, Star Hub, Singtel and Mediacorp launches for Beijing Olympics a nationwide DVB-H pilot adopting OMA BCAST Smart Card profile.

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Time slicing technology is employed to reduce power consumption for small handheld terminals.

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