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Sweet home alabama dating show paige

Kelsey Smith ended up falling in love with Collin Varallo are still together and going strong. They met on the show and fans were not sure they would last, but somehow this couple has made it work through everything.Are you surprised to hear that Paige Duke is getting married to Ty Murray? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.On the first episode, Korfe's reaction to meeting Duke was that he felt like he was 12 years old again.The seemingly throw-away line had more significance later in the show, since Korfe said he had been praying to meet someone like Paige ever since he was 12.CMT never said the show was canceled, but Some of the couples did find love, but Paige Duke wasn't one of them.Her time on the show might have helped her to get to where she was that she met Ty Murray and ended up engaged to him.While Duke is originally from South Carolina, she has worked at Kruger Farms in Starbuck, Minn. The couple filmed a music video there shortly after the end of the show.

Ty has been married before to singer Jewel, but they split back in 2014. The two have made it pretty obvious on social networks that they are head over heels for each other.

He grew up in Winter Garden, Fla., on his family’s cattle ranch. But as Orlando continued to stretch out, the area around Winter Garden became more suburban than country.

“The country I lived in began to disappear,” Thompson said.

Photo by John Russell/CMT CMT's "Sweet Home Alabama" bachelorette Paige Duke of Lancaster, S. Like the biblical prophet sharing his first name, Jeremiah Korfe claimed he was bad with words -- but the raw emotions came through in "Sweet Home Alabama," CMT's reality dating show.

chose Jeremiah James Korfe of Clarissa during the reality show's final episode which aired Friday, March 23.

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These two seem like they could not be happier in the pictures that were posted.

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