Stale dating checks

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Skip another line and write: "Dear (Recipient's Names)." Add a comma at the end of the line, and on the next line write the date that the check was originally issued to him.For example, "On June 11, 2004, the following check was issued to you:"Skip a line and write the check number.With a business check, the issuer will typically tell you to shred your check as it will reissue a new one – that’s what happened with my bounty – or will avoid the hassle and tell you to put the check through as-is.

Along with finding your own bank’s policy – and most will waive the fee if they suggest putting a check through and it gets rejected – you can also contact the issuer.

That’s because allowing a check go stale does not cancel the debt.

Consider a check stale and potentially problematic after six months and a real threat for rejection after a year.

ALSO SEE: Delete all your investing apps now Some banks flag old checks and run it past the issuer before completing the payment.

That routine precaution adds to the time it takes an old check to clear but it usually won’t stop payment.

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Write down your contact information and then add your signature to the end of your letter.

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