Rick malambri and sharni vinson dating Adult cam2cam chatting

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Rick malambri and sharni vinson dating

Malambri additionally brought his spouse Lisa Malambri to the special screening.

Together with Vinson, the 28-year-old actor was later pictured alongside director Jon Chu.

Step Up 3D marks the first time this franchise realized what it really wanted to be and stripped away everything it didn't. But Andie's new aspirations to become a respectable, educated citizen of Baltimore gets her kicked out of the 410 crew and she has no choice but to assemble her own rag-tag crew to compete at The Streets, which is, you guessed it, an underground dance gang competition.In addition to infusing the story with many more dance sequences and slightly flashier filmmaking, Step Up 2 The Streets also introduces Moose, a comic relief character played by Adam G.From there, our fleet-footed heroes proceed to the annual World Jam dance-off, strive to save their favourite nightspot, and generally prove themselves "B-FAB", a.k.a. an item that instantly supercedes Mean Girls' "fetch" as Movie Slang Least Likely To Catch On.For all its flashy accoutrements, what this cash-in lacks is physicality: the stereoscopic set-pieces have a virtual, occasionally inhuman quality, as though pasted in from the nearest available green screen.

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Produced by Adam Shankman and featuring more than a few familiar faces from the Fox competition series (t Witch! And where the actual 3D element might at first glance seem like a crass novelty tie-in that will surely date it, the gimmick is actually used to stunning effect.