Questions to ask yourself before dating someone who is kayla ewell dating

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Questions to ask yourself before dating someone

If their reaction was negative how do you think that would affect you?

The moment your partner doesn’t live up to an expectation, or doesn’t give you enough time and affection, your self-worth suffers.

Are you nagging, complaining, judging or creating drama? Or do you make space to let the other person shine and make them feel special? People naturally want more of what feels good, so if you feel good, they will want more of you.

Do you ask questions with a genuine curiosity to connect? If you make it an intention to leave people feeling more inspired, understood, and special after each interaction, you will find that more and more people will gravitate to you because you breathe life into them, versus sucking it out.

There will always be difficulties, no matter what the nature of the relationship is, but it shouldn't matter in the end.

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