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The minimum payment is the smallest amount you can pay by the due date to avoid being classified as late.Most cards charge a minimum payment of around 3% of the outstanding balance (but your payment typically cannot be less than – ).At the very least, making your required minimum payments on time is a must, considering that late fees and credit score damage will pile up otherwise.For more information, check out our guide on paying credit card bills: .So, I proceed to explain that to the supervisor and requested that someone else review the call because this was not right at all.So, I asked the supervisor hypothetically if my payment was missed, why wasn't the amount that I paid for the last 3 months NOT applied to my account. So, needless to say I am officially done with the crappy service that Kohls offers.We also have a guide on the topic where you can find more tips and information: . Credit line is low though but I'm okay with that since it's less temptation to spend.As long as you pay off your balance each month the interest isnt a worry, all rewards cards at least for stores have high interest rates.

You can use your % off and combine with $ off amounts which can save you $$$$$.

After trying several times to get through, both via phone and on their website to find where you can protect your privacy from invasion by whoever they partner with or sell your information to, I gave up. IMPORTANT: DO NOT ACTIVATE THE CARD - by doing so, you sign a legal contract with them allowing this marketing travesty.

By the way, the card is currently owned by Capital One. The credit card itself is nice to have because of the discounts and coupon perks however watch your bank account.

So, I call Kohl's and the first person I spoke with gave me a sob story of how people have been calling out of work, so they were really behind on processing payments and claims.

So, then she proceeded to tell me that my claim was reviewed and they denied it (thank you for notifying me like you said you would). Supervisor gets on the phone tells me the same thing, that the claim had been reviewed and I agreed to a payment date that was agreed upon by me for a Wednesday (let me remind I was looking at a calendar while scheduling these automatic payment to come out of my account all on Friday's, why you ask because Fridays are when I get paid).

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