Looking for detra alex on dating sites

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Looking for detra alex on dating sites

(Class of 1980) Jacqueline Smith-Graham Hey everyone, I am finally back in touch. (Class of 1980) Vantress Richardson Update Hello Alumni, I Hope All Is Well With You. High school was a wonderful time of my life and I met many of my best friends there! My sister has finally convinced me to leap into the 21st century and get online. (Class of 1982) Leah Kittleson (Provenzano) Hi Class of 1982. Does anyone know where I can find Angie Glasscock - Class of '82? Tina (Pitassi) Berens (Class of 1982) John Kuntz I'm not sure if anyone will remember me, but it would be nice to hear from some classmates that do. I was looking for Marty Scorza and I just found his email address.

*********FIRST THINGS FIRST, SINCE EVERYONE ASKS ME, MY BROTHER SCOTT IS DOING WELL, AND HAS HIS OWN MOUNTIAN IN LOON LAKE, BUCK CREEK COUNTY, WA. [email protected](Class of 1981) Cassie Miles (Class of 1981) Kathy Shaw (Martinez) (Class of 1981) Susan Perry Proctor It's been a long time since we graduated. we were the class that kicked ass, when life was a party. Please feel free to e-mail me-also you can go to to learn more about me now!!! Kat (Class of 1981) Katherine Ann Martinez (Class of 1981) tracy Hanamoto This Knucklehead's still around? (Class of 1981) Nedyne Shorts-Nettles HI everyone, Missing you.LETS ALL JUST MEET AT STONEY POINT AND MAKE A PARTY OF IT !!!!!!!!! LES (Class of 1980) Deborah Shelton Phillips Hav'nt seen you since Junior High.... I just hope a few of you choose to fly back for a reunion this Spring in 7/2000. Hilferty (Andersen) (Class of 1981) Sandy Seufert Has it been almost twenty years already? (Class of 1982) Aaron Davis (Class of 1982) Rich Miller Still alaive and kicking, moving to the mid-west soon (Class of 1982) Luis Emilio Gomez (Class of 1982) mark lefitz Hope everybody is doing well from the class of '82. (Class of 1982) RICK OCON (Class of 1982) Randy Podolsky (Class of 1982) Stephanie Kalina (Feola) (Class of 1982) Julie Kluth (Hamell) Hello to all from 1982. I have already reconnected with one old friend and am getting to know many others. He thought I was folish, but now he enjoys taking to folks from Monroe Class of '66 w. And I thought I would be really old when this time approached! (Class of 1982) Tina Berens (Pitassi) Isn't technology great?!!Looking for Dawn Smith Shawn Murdock, Hali Freedman, Todd Griffin.... I Know We All Have Had Some Ups And Downs But Yet We Are Bless. I'm making my way from the Great Wilderness in Idaho. Life for me is grand, epecially since I FINALLY decided to follow my life passion - music. Anyone know where Denise Marin or Barbara Gaut are? (Class of 1982) Lisa Crist (Moses) Hi old friends!! If you rember me I'd love to hear form ya (Class of 1982) Cindy Rice (Ackley) Looking for old friends, or new friends, drop me an email. I already found one long lost friend, I'm shooting for two. 310-293-5955 [email protected](Class of 1983) John (Smith) Buetergerds 5/14/09 - Just stumbled upon this Monroe Alumni site and it's like traveling back in time.Christine Anderson and I are still married after 13 years (can you believe it). hope everyone is doing great, looking forward to the 20th reunion. Well I'd like to hear from all my old friends and hopefully see a lot of you at our 20th!!! I've been enjoying my career as a physical education teacher, have a beautiful 9 year old daughter and am still in the valley (although I did live in Ventura Co.Matt will start high school in the fall and Brett will be 10 in March. for about 5 years) would love to get in touch with some of my old basketball or poker buddies!

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(Class of 1983) SHELLEY DEVITO (SIMON) WOW this is great. I can't believe all the memories that rushed through my head when I saw some names of people I haven't heard from in a while.

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