Linx dating san francisco dating game question and answer

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Linx dating san francisco

I was born in Canada, and am totally open to any race.

I don't have much in common with very traditional Asian women who dress traditionally, don't drink, etc.

Let's just say I never have to work again in my life (retired at 40 and now 45) but instead these days I invest in some angel groups and have fun meeting entrepreneurs.

Silicon Valley was never a place to meet eligible women and truth is especially after I "made it", I thought I would have to move somewhere else until I learned about a local matchmaker who not only has her finger on the pulse of the Silicon Valley but tapped into a hot niche market introducing us SV guys to her roster of attractive and intelligent SF women.

In SV terms, that means living in an upper scale area, e.g. There's nothing "wrong" with a woman being a SAHM unless a man simply doesn't make enough money to be able to generate the income of two people, in which case the SAHM lifestyle is not realistic.

My advice- before the start of any relationship, a man in the SV should make clear whether he can support the SAHM arrangement or both parties will be wasting their time.

So many people in Silicon Valley never find an attractive chic at all in Silicon Valley.

They're are almost always with boyfriends or husbands.

Just leave the have zero people skills (which is endemic to the techgeek industry).

So I dropped 10K and let her do some wardrobe work too and low and behold enter April 2009 when I met my now fiance who is a seriously stunning woman that I absolutely would have NEVER met unless I had listened to my gut and contacted Amy Andersen.

All my buddies are like me and refuse to settle into the bar scene and it's just too sketchy to sign up for Ok Cupid or e Harmony when you are as private (and successful).

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My benchmark was extremely high and who Amy found me was truly the most heaven sent angel.

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