Kaspersky database not updating

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Click on the icon of two computers on the bottom right of your screen.

Your computer will tell you if you're currently connected to a network.

When you purchase Kaspersky, your computer is protected for a set period of time ranging from one to three years depending on your subscription.

Once your subscription is expired, your computer will still be protected from all the viruses and malicious software programs previously downloaded by Kaspersky, but it will be blocked from downloading new updates until you renew your subscription.

Different programs and software running on your computer may interfere with Kaspersky's ability to automatically update its anti-virus database.

For example, when you install Kaspersky on your computer, it automatically disables any Microsoft Windows firewalls already installed and uses its own.

Beginners in particular will be pleasantly surprised to find a product that is simple to install and set up, while more advanced users will find a highly adaptable product that can be easily tailored to suit their individual requirements.

I do not ever use the computer for gaming purposes. -" Know that you will most likely never even encounter most of these so-called threats..." Well, that's what you think... But if I ever came across an issue where the file was quarantined, norton always provided with a restore option, so I don't see any harm done.If you aren't connected, click on the "Connect or disconnect" link at the bottom of the pop-up window.Choose a network to connect to and press the "Connect" button.So i've just built a new computer and have installed kaspersky internet security, but when i try to do a database update it goes to 2% complete and doesn't go any further. Kaspersky is nowadays the best internet security software on the market. Even then, reality is Norton is just as good if not any superior to Kaspersky and quite honestly I would blindly trust Norton Security, Mc Afee, Trend Micro, F-Secure kind of more established organisation over some 3rd party so called internet security suit bullshit like Kaspersky, Avast, Eset or Bit Defender garbage etc.I've tried looking for an answer, but i can't find one, so hopefully someone here knows what is happening? and yes, you shouldn't use two internet security software at the same time. I wouldn't advice you to use Norton or any free internet security software. And just for the record I have used both Norton and Kaspersky and this whole high resource utilization thing about Norton is an utter nonsense since I have hardly noticed any difference with the performance from start up to the running of multiple process smoothly.

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