How to handle rejection in dating who is dating travis stork

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How to handle rejection in dating

They actually get a thrill watching you suffer over (yet continue to endure) their inconsistent and rude behavior.

That said, the worst offenders are men who straight up use you for ego gratification.Some "hot and cold" men may just not be ready for a fully committed relationship.He may even like you a lot, but is unable to figure out if you're "The One."Rather than actually decide and own that decision, it's easier for him to string you along until he knows for certain (or finds something "better").They're fueled by a sense of entitlement, knowing they've mastered the art of being inconsistent and uncommitted.They love to watch a woman emotionally fall apart over their inconsiderate actions. Your attempts to do so will only wound (if not shatter) your confidence and destroy your faith in finding a good man.

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They act like they're still in high school and thrive on the challenge of wooing you until you fall for them.

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