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Friedman39s liquidating trust

While no-action relief granted by the Staff to other parties and with respect to certain facts and circumstances form all or part of a persuasive argument for like treatment in similar fact situations, the grant of no-action relief by the Staff does not represent an official action by or on behalf of the SEC Commissioners.

No-action relief granted by the Staff may only be relied upon by the party that submitted the request, based on the particular facts and circumstances, and otherwise may only viewed as setting forth views of the Staff (PDF).

I concluded that his fundamental disagreement with me was the same as Murray Rothbard’s, which I discussed in a previous post.

Rothbard, in an essay now webbed, claimed that what was wrong with me was that I did not hate the state, that I regarded those who disagreed with my libertarian views not as evil but merely as mistaken My response to Wolff, as to him, was that the fundamental question is not which side you are on.

For many, although not all, political questions, the right answer is the same for almost everyone.

The fundamental question is what is the right answer.

Wolff commented that my describing him as on the same side as Murray Rothbard was a terrible insult. Both of them chose to see the conflict as between good men and evil men.Is my extreme version of free market capitalism better or worse than the mixed economies that are currently the norm of the developed world?Are they better or worse than some other alternative set of institutions?There has been a high volume of bankruptcy filings over the last three years of the economic downturn and they do not show any signs of letting up.Whether it is Hostess Brands—with the future of Twinkies at risk, the prospect of iconic Kodak in the Bankruptcy Court or AMR Corp.’s flight into Chapter 11 reorganization.

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But his communist student would probably, judging by the ones I knew at the time, have been a supporter of either the Soviet Union or Communist China.