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Of course, Skype isn't giving this service away for noted on the screenshot to the right (click for larger image), they take a 30% cut of any payments. When "Astrology & Spiritual" is the first one, you can imagine the type of calls that Skype is envisioning.Even if these kinds of services were against the TOS, it would be difficult to enforce them anyway. The trick here is that a “third party” would have to control the charging, not to mention some changes would have to be made to ensure anonymity of the participants.News out of Skype today is that a new 3.1 beta includes a new service called Skype Prime, where you can charge someone to call you for either a one-time fee or a per-minute fee.It also marks the beginning of the frequently-discussed integration of Skype and Pay Pal, because the payments go into your Pay Pal account.However, the payment is deducted from the payer's Skype Credit (so you are paying in Skype Credit and the receiver is getting it in Pay Pal).

It basically gives you the ability to charge someone for calls (either per-call or per-minute).Phil Wolff at Skype Journal points out the limitations, which are as follows: and they aren’t really doing anything except payment processing.If they drop their cut to, say, 3% (that’s all Pay Pal charges for credit card processing), drop the minimum call charge limits, and reduce the amount of time it takes to actually get paid, I could see this really taking off in some of the less affluent countries.It will curious to see if Skype is able to keep its Skype Prime Service Providers truly clean and adhering to the TOS. It will be indeed curious to see how much this takes off and whether this does enable people to earn money from the usage.One thing that's missing, curiously, is any kind of mention of a directory. In the meantime, if you have questions about something like, oh, podcast production, for a mere /minute, I'll gladly talk to you...

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