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Wall paintings of hunters (pictured) found in Catal Hoyuk in Anatolia, Turkey are thought to have been made in 6,000BC, just as farming was beginning to spread in to Europe.

The new study suggests the area was a hub for the farming revolution, by contrast, appear to be something that was selected by the early European hunter gatherers – all of the samples tested from this period had the genes responsible for light eye colour in modern European populations.

They have been used for traction, transport, pest control, assistance, and companionship and as a form of wealth.

Species with abundant domesticated varieties, or breeds, include the Because it is a cultural phenomenon, agriculture has varied considerably across time and space.

The CAP supports the development of the sector through a combination of direct payments to farmers, financial assistance towards investments in rural development and environmental protection and market support measures.

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However, the new findings suggest Anatolia acted as a hub from which the revolution spread.

The researchers extracted DNA from remains found at Kumtepe in Troas, Turkey Neolithic farmers spread to replace hunter gatherer populations in Europe.

Domesticated animals tend to have developed from species that are social in the wild and that, like plants, could be bred to increase the traits that are advantageous for people.

Most domesticated animals are more docile than their wild counterparts, and they often produce more , or milk as well.

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