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Docotrs dating and courtship

The provision of double seats on the back row sent out a fairly clear message.The need to avoid accusations of indecency or nuisance was nonetheless a problem for courting youths.The exchange value of virginity remained high across the mid-century and sexual reputation mattered.Courtship was a time of risk as well as pleasure during this era."Losing one's head", "giving in", "giving way" were the terms used by women to describe pre-marital sex.

SEX AND MONEYYet tensions between dating couples could emerge, most acutely around the negotiation of money and sex.

The cinema offered one relatively cheap opportunity to sit together in the dark.

Some cinemas were more explicit in promoting their courtship credentials than others.

Kissing couples could easily annoy fellow cinemagoers if their heads were glued together throughout the film or if they made a noise.

When the social investigative organisation Mass-Observation asked the public for their views on "love-making in public" in 1949, opinion was divided. Others defended the right of courting couples to express physical affection in public sight and bemoaned a lack of alternative locations.

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Clubs such as the Golden Circle Club, established in 1935, provided "select" lists of fellow members' addresses for a fee of about £1.

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