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Dating marriage ecuador

One important note however, is that as of the current rules for applying to become an Ecuadorian Citizen, one can NOT apply to become a Citizen of Ecuador if he/she leaves Ecuador for more than 90 DAYS TOTAL in their first 3 years since having officially received their Permanent Residency Visa stamp in their foreign issued Passport.

Despite many rumours to the contrary, you will always be permitted by the Citizenship Law in Ecuador, to have Dual Citizenship in Ecuador, regardless of what other country you are currently a Citizen of.

You should also take into account that the Ecuadorian Citizenship process is currently taking a minimum of 6 months, to a maximum of 12 months, in order to be approved.Under the new law, permanent residents can be out of the country for up to 180 days per year during the first two years.If they exceed that, they will be charged 4 salarios básicos (page 30, Article 170, #8) for the first offense.This is because the Immigration Ministry must review and approve the various documents, as well as administer an Ecuador Citizenship Test in Spanish.The test consists of a written portion as well as a oral interview.

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If they exceed 180 days out of the country for both of the first two years, they will lose their visas.

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