Dating aggression

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Dating aggression

This study presents preliminary baseline data from an ongoing study examining violent experiences among urban youth.Patients residing in one of two urban neighborhoods (aged 14–20) presenting to the emergency department for any reason were eligible to be in the study.Any patients presenting without a parent/guardian (if under 18) or unable to give informed consent were excluded from recruitment.

Moreover, rates of all types of violence in this sample appear relatively high given the brief 2-month assessment period.Although TDA may appear less serious at first glance, perhaps even normative for youth today, our study shows that it is strongly associated with physical dating violence, which can lead to serious injury and mortality.This is the first study to examine specific promotive factors in relation to TDA.All risk and promotive factors assessed for the 2 months before their emergency department visit. Analytic strategy included descriptive statistics and an examination of TDA, promotive and risk factors, and violence type using hierarchical negative binomial regression models (Osgood 2000).Incidence-rate ratios (IRR) and their 95% confidence intervals were estimated while controlling for potentially confounding factors (see The sample included 210 youth who reported having a dating partner in the past 2 months.

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Increasingly, technology (text, e-mail, and social media) is being used in dating relationships to stalk, control, threaten, and harass dating partners.

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