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MO will be a requirement for all MERP's releases, so I suspect MO will get a nice popularity boost when we release Rohan to the public! I imagine so as they're in they're default Skyrim files in the Data folder, but they're unticked and I don't think I unticked them, so perhaps there's a reason for this. @doveman: you can tick or not, it makes no difference.Actually, I may hide it from the list in the future as to not confuse people.I had to do a bit of digging, but I found some relevant information in The new mod order in 1.2.5 thread from last year.The basic issue is that Skyrim (and other Bethesda games like Oblivion) won't use loose files if they are dated older than the BSA it should override.They are dated 12/3/2011 and my game BSAs were dated 2013 or something. One thing I find interesting is that Bethesda added s Resource Archive List Beta with the official 1.6 patch without a word.I wonder if this new setting is capable of loading BSAs in a different manner.From recruiting ideas to social media best practices, the Hub provides a one-stop resource to discover, activate, and improve your marketing and recruiting strategy. This includes the following bugfixes: - file-system junctions as created by steam mover are no longer resolved - after check-for-updates the progress bar wouldn't go away if one of the mods was no longer available on nexus - mod-info-dialog didn't work for disabled mods - files from mods weren't loaded under certain circumstances Thank you thank you thank you!

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Sometimes certain claims (such as insurance claims) can be backdated if the could not be completed at an earlier date, although there must be good reason for neglecting to claim in advance.

If your backdated claim is approved, you will be able to receive benefits from a certain date in the past.

)I thought the was part of the game as it's in the Data folder and I didn't think MO would've created any files there.

I did Backdate BSA Files some time ago though, so I don't need it and guess I can just delete it.

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I and the full MERP team are very grateful for these updates and fixes!