Advanced dating techniques rapidshare

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Learn 10 advanced techniques you may not know about.

This tutorial will go through the different steps and settings to achieve a halftone pattern.

Ten useful tips that will improve your Photoshop skills such as subscribing to galleries and forums and reading magazines.

Web design can be deceptively difficult as it involves achieving a design that is both usable and pleasing, delivers information and builds brand, and is technically sound and visually coherent.

Chris Coyier offers very useful Photoshop tricks in this 36-minute long screencast.

Master these killer Photoshop keyboard combos and you’ll find yourself with more time for the important things.

These combos assume you’re using Photoshop CS3 on Windows platform with default keyboard shortcuts.

Don Mottin began his career conducting forensic hypnosis.

One of the key elements of forensic hypnosis is to make certain that the information retrieved is accurate.

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